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Photo of support professional BFIS has been in business in Abingdon, MD since 1999.

The original idea for the company grew out of a common need that the founders shared with many American families: a convenient way to register their children for the many recreational and educational activities that are part of modern childhood.

The founders built our Time2Signup service, to give parents an easy solution when it was “time to sign up” their children for an event.  Time2Signup lets parents register and pay securely via the internet.

Since 1999, we have become a leading provider of registration services and have developed vertical markets beyond our initial niche in youth sports.  Companies can now use our services to sign up their customers for Recreation Programs, Competitive Team & Individual Events, Camps, Seminars, Schools & Clinics, Trade Shows, Intramurals, and Alumni Events.

In 2003, as part of our continuing effort to strengthen our team and extend the scope and depth of our services we recruited Sean Devoy as Chief Technical Officer and Gene Gessert as General Manager.

Sean is a seasoned programmer and system architect who served as Software Resident at Digital Equipment, and Lockheed Martin, and as Manager of the corporate Internal Consulting Group at CitiGroup. Sean was the lead Microsoft developer at VPE Inc. He was responsible for enhancements to VPE’s flagship product WebBUILDER (a web-database middleware product) and for application development including the UpdateSoftware content management package. 

Gene is a veteran system architect and technical executive who served as Regional Manager for SEI Consulting Information Technology and Director of Management Information Services at CitiGroup. Gene has managed large projects for American Express, AT&T, Avon, Exxon Mobil, Guideposts, J.P. Morgan Chase, ITT, Rockwell, and Touche Ross & Company.

Since 2003, Sean and Gene have developed our two other Internet-based lines of business Ecommerce Systems, and our School Payment Card System

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